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A true icon of viticulture in the Southern region of Santa Catarina state, the Goethe wine grape played a key role in setting the Italian immigrants, who arrived in the late nineteenth century, to this land. It was the alternative found by these pioneers to perpetuate a tradition brought  from the old Europe, adapted to the new world. In a region of lowlands, near the Atlantic coast in a hilly zone towards the Rio do Rastro Plateau («Serra»), this was the grape that has best adapted to the natural conditions found. Also called Rogers 1 , it is a hybrid of Vitis Vinifera (87 % of Hamburg Moscato, Muscat of Alexandria and Schiava Grossa) and Vitis Labrusca (13 %) with high phytosanitary resistance. It was developed in the USA by E. S. Rogers in the mid -nineteenth century and in 1862 was alreay mentioned in plant catalogs.
• Vales da Uva Goethe wine tourism is a tour that presents visitor to the culture of ethnic Italian immigrant in the region of Urussanga, Santa Catarina.
• The valleys of rivers Urussanga and Tubarão, two major waterways of Southern Santa Catarina, were occupied by Italian immigrants in the nineteenth century. Until today their heritage is present through grape and wine production among other traditional production processes.
• In this environment it is possible to have a feeling of the historical values ​​of the colonizer, arount their centennial stone made houses, typical food, hospitality and the typical white wine made of Goethe grapes.
• It encompasses the cities of Urussanga, Pedras Grandes, Morro da Fumaça, Nova veneza and Içara.
• The tour is operated by DS Travel Tur Urussanga, which has access to expert guides and reservations for visits to tourist attractions and respective services.
Directions :
• Within a radius of 70 km lies a landscape of geographical and cultural contrasts, combining hot springs, with the beauty of two scenic mountainous roads - Serra do Rio do Rastro and Serra do Corvo Branco, the history of Laguna coastline with Santa Marta Lighthouse and the records of one of the oldest cities of Brazil.
• Access from the North through highway BR 101, entering at Sangão roundabout to the right, passing by Morro da Fumaça on the way to Urussanga (30 km from the highway).
• Access from the South through highway BR 101, entering at Morro da Fumaça roundabout to the left on the way to Urussanga (25 km from the highway) .
• Other routes:
• SC 390 ( former SC 438 ) Tubarão and Orleans
• SC 446 Orleans and Tubarão
• Through Bom Jardim da Serra / Serra do Rio do Rastro - Orleans and SC 390 (former SC 438 )
What to visit :
We highlight the following attractions to be visited:
In Urussanga:
• Panoramic View of the ancient Caruso Mac Donald Winery (1913) and the ancient Cadorin Brothers Winery (1918) (through the courtyard of the main church)
• Visit to the vineyards and wineries: Urussanga Winery, Trevisol Winery, Vigna Mazon, De Nonni Winery
• Municipal Park Ado Cassetari Vieira - Wine Festival in August in even years
• Railway Station: Headquarters of PROGOETHE (Association of Gothe grapes and wines producers) and CENTRAL TOURIST INFORMATION
• Anita Garibaldi Square (historical heritage) , Church Nossa Senhora da Conceição (religious art and replica of the Pieta from Italy), Piazza Longarone (Urussanga sister city in Italy)
• Historic communities of Rio Maior and Rio Caeté: historical heritage and artisanal production processes
• Italian style ice cream and pubs
• Horseback riding
In Pedras Grandes:
• Darcy Quarezemin family vineyars: Goethe largest vineyard of the region .
• Panoramic view of the Serra Geral - access that connects Azambuja to São Pedro in Urussanga through the community of Santo Antonio: sightseeing with vineyards and panoramic views.
In Morro da Fumaça:
• Organic Grape Production
• Colonial wines by Soratto family
In Içara:
• Quarezemin Wines – Industrial winery in stone building, wine tasting and gastronomic events (through reservations).
In Nova Veneza:
• Central square with real Gondola brought from Italy, Museum, Typical Italian Food
• Bento River Dam and foothills of the Serra Geral towards Siderópolis and Treviso .
Note :
- All wineries offer tastings of their products. Through reservation you may also have accomodation, meals and special events.
DS Travel Tur – downtown Urussanga – from Mon - Fri from 8:30 to 12:00 am /  1:00 to 6:00 pm. Telephone +55 (48) 3465 3571/3465 6020 or +55 (48) 8438 0766 / 8439 0765. Money exchange. Alfredo Gazzolla street, 27 - room 02.
CIT - Friends of the Municipal Park Ado Cassetari Vieira: +55 (48) 3465 0328 .
CIT - PROGOETHE and COMTUR , Ancient Railway Station: +55 (48) 3465 6238 from 8:00 to 11:30 am / 1:00 to 6:00 pm. Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 12:00 am / 1:00 to 6:00 pm




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